about the "xpr" module

crux-00018: $SRC/xpr/README.xpr

* "xpr": Polymorphic expression values

  The "xpr" module provides polymorophic
  expression values.

  It will take several revisions to lay out the 
  full xpr functionality.

  For now, xpr provides only type-tagged numbers.
  Each xpr number is either an int or a float.

* The "xpr" interface

  #include "strt/strt.h"
  #include "xpr/xpr.h"

  struct xpr_ref v = {0,};

  void xpr_load_int (struct xpr_ref * r, int v);
  void xpr_load_float (struct xpr_ref * r, int v);
    Change the value of an xpr_ref.

  enum xpr_type xpr_type (struct xpr_ref const * r);
    Returns xpr_is_int or xpr_is_float.

  void xpr_check (struct xpr_ref const * r, enum xpr_type type);
    Panic if the value in *r is not of the indicated type.

  int xpr_read_int (struct xpr_read const * r);
  float xpr_read_float (struct xpr_read const * r);
    Return the int or float in r (respectively).  
    Panic if r is not of the anticipated type.

  void xpr_fmt (strt s, struct xpr_ref const * r);
    Convert the value in r to a string.


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