crux-00004: $SRC

ABOUT.crux                              about crux
COPYING                                 the GNU General Public License 3.0
Manifest.chk                            list of files in the "chk" module
Manifest.crux                           list of files in the "crux" module
Manifest.panic                          list of files in the "panic" module
  silly/COMPILING.chk                   "chk" test program compilation instructions
  silly/COMPILING.panic                 "panic" test program compilation instructions
  silly/chk.c                           "panic" test program
  silly/panic.c                         "panic" test program
  utils/README.chk                      about the "chk" module
  utils/README.panic                    about the "panic" module
  utils/chk.h                           "chk" interface declaration
  utils/chk_free.c                      free(3) replacement
  utils/chk_i.h                         "chk" internals interface
  utils/chk_limit.c                     allocation limit
  utils/chk_malloc.c                    malloc(3) replacement
  utils/chk_realloc.c                   realloc(3) replacement
  utils/panic.c                         implementation of panic()
  utils/panic.h                         interface declaration