crux-00016: $SRC

ABOUT.crux                              about crux
COPYING                                 the GNU General Public License 3.0                             list of files in the "ar" module
Manifest.chk                            list of files in the "chk" module
Manifest.crux                           list of files in the "crux" module
Manifest.fmt                            list of files in the "fmt" module
Manifest.panic                          list of files in the "panic" module
Manifest.str                            list of files in the "str" module
Manifest.strt                           list of files in the "strt" module
  fmt/README.fmt                        about the "fmt" module
  fmt/fmt.h                             "fmt" interface declaration
  fmt/fmt_float.c                       formatting integers
  fmt/fmt_int.c                         formatting integers
  silly/                    "ar" test program compilation instructions
  silly/COMPILING.chk                   "chk" test program compilation instructions
  silly/COMPILING.fmt                   "fmt" test program compilation infmtuctions
  silly/COMPILING.panic                 "panic" test program compilation instructions
  silly/COMPILING.str                   "str" test program compilation instructions
  silly/COMPILING.strt                  "strt" test program compilation instrtuctions
  silly/ar.c                            "panic" test program
  silly/chk.c                           "panic" test program
  silly/fmt.c                           "panic" test program
  silly/panic.c                         "panic" test program
  silly/str.c                           "panic" test program
  silly/strt.c                          "panic" test program
  str/README.str                        about the "str" module
  str/str.h                             "str" interface declaration
  str/str_adjoin.c                      add a character to the end of a str
  str/str_append.c                      append a char */int string to a str
  str/str_append0.c                     append a null-terminated char * to str
  str/str_cat.c                         concatenate to strs
  str/str_copy.c                        duplicate a str
  str/str_length.c                      return the length of a str
  str/str_overlaps.c                    check if a memory region overlaps a str
  str/str_set.c                         set the contents of a str (char */int)
  str/str_set0.c                        set the contents of a str (null-terminated char *)
  str/str_set_length.c                  set the length of a str
  str/str_trim.c                        compactify a str
  str/str_view.c                        return a pointer (char *) to a str substring
  strt/README.strt                      about the "strt" module
  strt/strt.h                           "strt" interface declaration
  strt/strt_check.c                     used internally to validate strt structures
  strt/strt_i.h                         internal interface declaration
  strt/strt_new.c                       allocate a new refcounted string
  strt/strt_passthrough.c               "str" string functions translated to "strt"
  strt/strt_ref.c                       increment reference count
  strt/strt_refs.c                      return the current reference count
  strt/strt_str.c                       used internally to access the underlying "str"
  strt/strt_unref.c                     decrement reference count
  utils/                       about the "ar" module
  utils/README.chk                      about the "chk" module
  utils/README.panic                    about the "panic" module
  utils/ar.h                            "ar" interface declaration
  utils/ar_i.h                          "ar" internals interface
  utils/ar_ref.c                        allocation limit
  utils/ar_round_up.c                   malloc(3) replacement
  utils/ar_trim.c                       free(3) replacement
  utils/chk.h                           "chk" interface declaration
  utils/chk_free.c                      free(3) replacement
  utils/chk_i.h                         "chk" internals interface
  utils/chk_limit.c                     allocation limit
  utils/chk_malloc.c                    malloc(3) replacement
  utils/chk_realloc.c                   realloc(3) replacement
  utils/panic.c                         implementation of panic()
  utils/panic.h                         interface declaration