To: self
From: Commissioner Thomas Lord
Subject: HAC meeting notes for May 3, 2018
Date: May 3, 2018

Item 2: Agenda

Mr. Chairman,

In moving the agenda I wish to share with the commission that on this day, May 3, in 1948, the Supreme court ruled in favor J.D. and Ethel Shelley, and in favor of Orsell and Minnie Mcghee. Both families were met with legal challenges when they attempted to purchase their homes. The homes had racial convenants attached to their deeds - essentially contractual obligations to sell only to white people. The court ruled that such a contract could not be enforced without violating the 14th amendment's guarantee of equal protection under the law.

Item 5: FY2020-2021 Community Agency RFP


The HAC asks the Commission Secretary to convey a communication to the City Manager and to the City Council which reads as follows:

See memo.

Item 6: small sites multi-family housing loan program

I have prepared some written comments to share with the public, Ms. Wyant and the staff members working on this project, and the commission.

small sites memo

Item 7: U1 recommendations

(Attachments 4, 5, 6, and 7)

I have prepared some written comments to share.

u1 recommendations

Item 8: U1 reporting requirements

(Attachment 8)

Item 9: Work plan

(Attachments 9, 10)

Item 10: Recommendations for The Housing Retention Program

(Attachment 11)

This looks great. Some questions and suggestions:

  1. A requirement of a W-9 form from the property owner presumably means that the City is directly paying the owner and that, for tax purposes, the owner is being payed as an independent contractor to perform a service for the City.

    If that is correct, it isn't clear how payment could be made without the form.

    Why is the W-9 needed?

  2. An electronic application process is a fraught recommendation. The application collects personally sensitive information. From what I can see, I doubt that the City or EBLC has the capacity to implement a suitable process in 4 months, or even to evaluate and hire a vendor who might do so.

    More to the point: it seems overkill.

    I would substitute:

    Develop printable, on-line forms and instructions for applications. Make these available from the City's web site

    To receive documents, provide:

    1. a physical drop-off point
    2. a mailing address
    3. a fax number
    4. an email address

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