To: Housing Advisory Commission
From: Commissioner Thomas Lord
Subject: Work plan: JSISHL updates and engagement
Date: June 7, 2018

In response to a flurry of new land use law from the state, and in consideration of City Council's housing referrals, the Joint Subcommittee for Implementation of State Housing Law was formed to assist with updates to city land use law and practices.

This work plan item is to schedule regular updates to the HAC from its representatives on JSISHL.


Discussion and possible action agenda items on the dates indicated.


Hopefully, the HAC will be informed as to JSISHL's work and can engage with JSISHL as they see fit.


JSISHL updates to the Commission will report on previous meetings and, if possible, inform the Commission about the future plans of JSISHL.

The Commission might, just as one example, choose to communicate back to the subcommittee through its representatives.

Required Resources

No special requirements.

Lead Commissioner(s)

Thomas Lord

Initial Schedule

July, 2018: report back from the first two JSISHL meetings. Description of the upcoming July 19 JSISHL meeting.

September 2018: report back from July 19, next JSISHL meeting will be September 20.

October 2018: report back from September 20, next JSISHL meeting will be November 15.

January 2018: Report back from November 15.

(Further JSISHL meeting dates to be determined.)

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