To: Housing Advisory Commission
From: Commissioner Thomas Lord
Subject: Work plan: smokefree housing ordinance
Date: June 7, 2018

Last year the HAC initiated a process to review and recommend reforms to the Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing ordinance and the practices used to enforce that ordinance. We undertook this in reaction to reports of the ordinance not working well from the public and some members of the HAC.

A response from the City Manager is expected at which time work on this project can resume.


Recommendations for improving the smoke-free multi-unit housing ordinance and current enforcement practices.


Hopefully, a more effective ordinance.


To be decided.

Required Resources

Responses to our earlier City Council referral that asked question of the City Manager, and requested a Berkeley Considers request for public comment.

Lead Commissioner(s)

Thomas Lord, Xavier Johnson

Initial Schedule

TBD (contingent on replies to our earlier referral).

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